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By on April 23, 2013

[April 23, 2013] Some subscribers may not know that last week was our very first newsletter.  It took a lot of effort to get it released by Thursday because there was much more data than expected.  Our internal processes are improving so it should be possible to hit the Publish button Wednesday afternoon or evening.

Next, we’ve decided on a better look and feel for the website and it should be up and in place by Wednesday night or Thursday.

This week the grocery sales newsletter will have a better structure that will, hopefully, make it easier to use.

We’d really like your feedback and input on the usability of the newsletter. 

To that end we’ve set up a Facebook page at where we’ll post announcements and offer tech support for the website and subscription process.

So if you’re on Facebook head on over there and Like us.  It’s a very basic page design at the moment but that too is in the works to be improved.  It’s better to get it up and refine it than to analyze it to death first. (life lesson)

Thank you for subscribing.  Please help us get the word out so everyone can benefit!

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Mr. Happy Little Shopper (aka Mark Conger) is a Mississippi home grown and self taught computer nut and internet marketer. He's addicted to Starbucks, has a gold Starbucks card to prove it and is married to the greatest woman in the world, Mrs. Happy Little Shopper. For more information check out his LinkedIn profile.

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