Gas Savings Calculator

If you’ve ever wondered if it really is worth driving several miles to get gas savings, you’re not alone. 

It’s really maddening to find out your friends or family are paying less for the same brand and grade of gas on the same day you’re paying through the nose. 

But, not all gas savings are worth driving to. 

It could actually cost you money to get that cheaper gas because there are other factors than just the price per gallon to consider.  How many miles is it there and back? What about your car’s fuel economy?  How many gallons are you going to buy? What did you pay for gas last time you bought?

Rather than “hoping for the best” and doing something that will cost you money, factor those other numbers in and find out before acting on impulse.

A simple way to do that is to use HappyLittleShopper’s Gas Savings Calculator below.

The only thing worse than literally driving away your savings while driving to get cheaper gas, is not knowing whether you saved money, broke even, or blew it.