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By on May 9, 2013

This Sunday is YOUR holiday, Mom. 

It’s even named after you. 

So Mom, how would you like to spend your day this year?  Would you prefer breakfast in bed served by your children or husband? Or do you want some serious quiet time all to yourself?  

If you have a little vision in your head of what you’d like to do this day that is dedicated to Mothers, then make sure to let your family know.  

Trust me, your loved ones want to make your wishes come true, but they need some hints.  They WANT hints!

While a mom is always appreciative of the efforts of their loved ones, there are times when the gift you get on Mother’s Day brings you to tears – sad tears.  Especially, when you really had your heart set on something like a quiet dinner with family but instead received a big party.  You really appreciate the effort, but you just had a different idea of how you wanted to spend your day.

So, what can you do?  What can you do to ensure that the gift you prefer is the gift you are given?  In short, start talking to the people in your life.  Tell them when you see something you would like to have.  Let them know how much you wish you had just a few hours to relax and read a love story and sip a cup of tea.  Mention that you may need your hair cut, colored, or styled – or all three!  Or, that you wish you had time for a manicure, pedicure, and a facial.

The people around you will start to “get it” and when the time comes, they will have a lot of ideas to chose from.  They’ll know what to do on your special day and you’ll be pleased because it’s what you really wanted!

It’s the same thing with food.  Do you want a quiet meal at home or have you had your eye on a new restaurant for your Mother’s Day feast?  It’s a pretty good bet that any restaurant is going to be busy on Mother’s Day so it is important to make reservations in advance.  Make sure to drop that hint too because it’s a detail easily forgotten in all the planning.

When it comes down to it, Mom, you will be just that this Sunday – the mom that is honored on a day set aside just for her.  

You’ll appreciate the gifts, the food, and your family and friends taking the time to spend with you. 

But a gal can dream, can’t she?

From Happy Little Shopper,
Happy Mother’s Day!

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