A Simple Way To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

By on July 24, 2013
Free Amazon Gift Card Using This Simple Tip

Need a free Amazon gift card? It’s pretty easy using this simple tip.

For a lot of us it seems like only yesterday we were upgrading our audio cassettes and VHS tapes to CDs and DVDs.

There’s no doubt the way we watch TV and listen to music changes pretty often. And, just like cassettes and VHS, CDs and DVDs are fading into history. 

The new tech is here. Blu-Ray. On-demand cable or satellite. Netflix. Hulu. Amazon Prime. Apple TV.

So what does this mean for that pile of seldom used CDs and DVDs collecting dust and cluttering up your entertainment center?  Or worse. Sitting in a cardboard box in a closet?

Well, you could try to sell them in a yard sale. But there’s the hours of making and sticking price tags on everything. Plus the entire Saturday wasted just hoping for a sale.

Or, maybe you’re a little savvier and can snap a few photos for a Craigslist ad. Chances are you’ll spend weeks waiting around for someone to see it and then another couple of days for them to get around to contacting you. Maybe you’ll sell some. Maybe not. Regardless, you’ll have to haggle over the price. This process is likely to repeat itself regardless of what do-it-yourself sales venue is used.

Fortunately, there’s an easier and faster way. And it can put some money in your electronic pocket with no haggling.

Interested?  Drum roll please …

Introducing the Amazon.com Trade-In Program where you can exchange over a million eligible items ranging from CDs and DVD’s to videos games, gadgets, electronics and even books for a free Amazon Gift Card. It’s not exactly a new program. But, if you didn’t know about it (or forgot) then perhaps it’s new to you.

Did I mention it’s quick, easy and free? Okay. Just checking.

Requirement? An Amazon account. 

Submitting A Trade-In on Amazon.com

Amazon Trade-In Program PageHead over to the Amazon.com Trade-In Store and scroll down to the orange text that says Find the Items You’d Like to Trade In.

Select a category from the Select category drop down box and then in the Search by title or keyword(s) box type in the title or description of your item.

Adding An Item to Your Trade-In List

A new page will appear listing the items that match your description You may see more than one item matching your title or description so choose the one with the highest trade-in value.

Click the orange Trade in button to add the item to your Trade-In List on Amazon.com. Note: If you’re not already logged into your Amazon.com account, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and password.

Amazon Trade-In Submission List Screen CaptureYou will see your Trade-In List where all of your items will be listed along with their quantity, condition and trade-in value.

You can update the quantity and select the condition of your trade-in item. Note: The condition category automatically defaults to Good so if your item is in Like New condition, make sure to change the selection.

Trading-In Different Kinds of Items

Let’s say you have 10 CDs, 15 DVDs and an Wii to trade-in. You don’t have to create separate trade-in lists for each type of item.

Just click the blue underlined Add another item text in the bottom left hand corner, select a category and enter the rest of your items.

Finishing Up and Sending Your Items to Amazon

After you’ve entered all the items you want to trade-in for your Amazon.com Gift Card, click the orange Continue button and enter your shipping information.

The Amazon.com Trade-In Program will then ask whether or not you want items returned if they are not accepted. Take a minute to review everything on your trade-in list and then click the orange Submit your trade-ins button.

You will now be provided a pre-paid shipping label and instructions on how to pack and ship your items.

Follow-Up and Gift Card Notification

Check your e-mail for notification from the Amazon.com Marketplace confirming your trade-ins. The e-mail will also contain information on where to check the status of your submission and when to expect your Amazon.com Gift Card to appear in your Amazon.com account.

Go Shopping!

Congratulations! You’ve saved a bunch of time and energy de-cluttering your entertainment center and reorganizing your home. What better way to reward yourself than indulging in a little online shopping. The best part of this deal is that you have an Amazon.com Gift Card ready and waiting to be used to buy whatever you’d like on Amazon.com.

I’ve used the Amazon Trade-In Program twice in the last year. In March, 2012, I traded-in 49 DVDs for a gift card totaling $130.69. In September, 2012, I traded-in 45 CDs for another gift card totaling $22.45. When Christmas rolled around, not only was I able to use my gift cards for purchases, I didn’t have to suffer through the long lines at the mall or the mile-long traffic jams. My Christmas shopping was hassle-free.

Have you ever used the Amazon.com Trade-in Program? Did you even know they had such a program? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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